What Cars Does a Fram PH3614 Oil Filter Fit?

A FRAM oil filter can be used in a variety of vehicles. From fleets and mechanics to do-it-yourselfers, FRAM filters offer performance and durability at a competitive price. Here are a few examples of what cars a FRAM ph3614 oil filter is compatible with.

What Car’s does FRAM ph3614 fit?

The FRAM PH3614 oil filter is compatible with a variety of vehicles, including Buick cars and trucks from 1977 to 1998. It also fits a variety of Chevy and GMC trucks. The oil filter has a suregrip seal that helps prevent the oil from leaking. It also meets manufacturers’ recommended oil change intervals.

The oil filter is designed to protect the engine and the entire vehicle. It is also compatible with conventional oils. It is used in many Toyota and Chrysler vehicles. If your car is equipped with a PH3614 oil filter, you can expect a long, durable life.

What vehicle uses FRAM ph7317?

Extra Guard oil filters from FRAM are engineered for conventional oil and feature a proprietary blend of fibers and resin for optimum dirt-trapping efficiency. They help protect the engine by capturing up to 95% of contaminants. Whether you’re driving a family sedan or a luxury vehicle, Extra Guard filters are a great choice. Their long-lasting performance gives you confidence that your engine is protected for 5,000 miles or more.

What does a FRAM 6607 fit?

Fram 6607 oil filters are available in different sizes, but not all of them fit all vehicles. This means that you will have to select the one that fits your vehicle carefully and make sure that it is the correct fit. The FRAM engine oil filter is made for city and highway driving. It features a high-quality oil filter with no remanufactured components.

The FRAM Extra Guard oil filter features a proprietary blend of fibers and resin to capture 95% of engine wear particles. The filter also features a silicone anti-drain back valve that keeps the engine safe from back-drainage while starting. FRAM Extra Guard filters are designed for both synthetic and conventional oils. They also feature a special coating to prevent slippage.

What does a FRAM 3593a fit?

The FRAM 3593a oil filter is a high performance oil filter designed to provide superior protection for your engine. It uses proprietary filter media with an advanced blend of fibers and resin to capture up to 95% of contaminates. This allows the engine to run at its peak performance. It is ideal for both conventional and synthetic motor oil, and offers excellent protection for up to 10,000 miles.

The cross references below are provided for your convenience. They are not a guarantee of a correct fit. Always check the measurements, application, and spec for your vehicle to make sure your replacement oil filter fits properly. Use at your own risk. When in doubt, consult a professional.

What does a FRAM PH8170 fit?

When buying a new oil filter, it’s important to make sure you choose the correct fit. The Fram PH8170 oil filter is designed to fit your vehicle’s specific model. The shipping dimensions are approximately 4.25 inches long by 3.13 inches wide.

What does a FRAM ph4967 oil filter fit?

The Fram PH4967 oil filter is designed to fit a wide variety of cars. Listed below are 664 possible fits. Please note: This is a general guide only, and you should verify fit by using the measurements and spec. Always use a qualified technician to install this filter, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

FRAM is the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive filters. Its range of products provides maximum engine protection and unmatched dirt holding capacity. Its filters are backed by a comprehensive warranty and full sales and service support. However, you should be aware that the warranty does not cover incorrect fitment, normal wear and tear, or faulty workmanship. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s claim process and keep all documentation.

What vehicle does a FRAM PH3387A fit?

If you’re looking for a new oil filter for your vehicle, you should consider the FRAM PH3387A Extra Guard oil filter. This filter offers advanced protection and is designed to meet all manufacturer change intervals. Fram makes filters to fit a variety of vehicles, including automobiles, truck and motorcycles.

What does a FRAM TG7317 fit?

The FRAM TG7317 oil filter is made with a blend of synthetic and cellulose media for exceptional dirt-trapping efficiency. This oil filter also features a silicone anti-drain back valve to prevent oil from dripping back into the engine. This ensures safe start-up and engine protection even at extended drain intervals.

FRAM Tough Guard oil filters provide premium protection for high mileage engines. They are durable and resistant to extreme driving conditions. Whether you drive your car on the highway or in towing mode, you’ll find the right filter for your needs. And because they fit virtually any car, you can trust them to last a long time.

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