How Far Is Philadelphia From New Jersey By Car?

How long is Philadelphia from New Jersey by car?

One of the best ways to get from New Jersey to Philadelphia is by car. It is a 95-mile drive, which takes about 1.5 hours. The distance can vary depending on traffic conditions and road curvature. You can also estimate the cost of driving from New Jersey to Philadelphia by using the current local gas prices.

Buses are another good option for transportation. There are several buses that leave daily. Megabus, Greyhound, and other buses operate from New York to Philadelphia. Buses typically take between two and three hours, depending on traffic and weather. Most of the buses leave at regular intervals, so there isn’t a need to worry about being stuck in traffic for too long.

You can also travel by train from Philadelphia to Marlboro. Marlboro is a small township that has a population of around 40,000. There are several bus companies in Marlboro. A taxi or a bus ride to the Jersey Shore from Philadelphia should take less than an hour.

How long is Philadelphia from New York by car?

The distance between New York and Philadelphia is about 95 miles. You will need about 1.5 hours to complete the journey, assuming you don’t hit any traffic. The route from New York to Philadelphia offers several options for transportation. If you want to avoid traffic, you can take the bus. However, it is best to avoid taking the bus during rush hours.

A private jet can travel directly from New York to Philadelphia. It is also possible to take the train. The train station at Cranbury is approximately 1 mile from the midpoint. If you don’t have a car, the train is a good option. It will save you money on gas.

Another option for transportation is to take a tour. These are organized tours, which avoid the hassles of driving on unfamiliar roads. Also, you can customize the itinerary to your liking and skip some places that don’t interest you. When you choose this option, you’ll be able to enjoy the scenery without the stress of figuring out a route.

How far is Philadelphia from New Jersey by train?

The distance from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Philadelphia, New Jersey is just over sixty kilometers (sixty-eight miles). The distance between the two cities is about one hour and thirty minutes by train. Direct trains run from Newark to Philadelphia every 30 minutes. This is an easy and convenient way to travel between the two cities. The train ride is inexpensive, with tickets costing anywhere from $14 to $130.

Trains to Philadelphia are operated by Amtrak. This organization was founded in 1971 and now has over 300 routes. The organization focuses on providing transportation between rural areas and major metropolitan areas. Amtrak strives to offer modern rolling stock and welcomes service animals and pets. Ticket prices will vary depending on the train and its schedule.

When traveling by car, the distance between Philadelphia and New Jersey is a little more than two hours. However, if you drive straight through, the distance is around 660 kilometers. It may take a bit longer than that if you make stops. Another option is to take a private jet. Private jets have the advantage of flying in a straight line, which is the shortest distance between two cities. It’s also known as the “as the crow flies” formula.

Is New Jersey close to Philly?

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. It is notable for its rich history. It is the site of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, as well as the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You can also see the sites of the American Revolution, including Independence Hall. Sylvester Stallone famously ran up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the movie “Rocky.”

Philadelphia is the largest city in the Delaware Valley, and is a major cultural, educational, and commercial center. It also forms part of the Northeast megalopolis, which has more than 50 million residents. Its gross domestic product is $431 billion. It is home to many famous universities, including Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania. It is also an important place for startups and biotech.

There are many options for a commuter looking for affordable housing. Lansdale, NJ is the furthest city from Philadelphia, but it has a low crime rate and a good school system. Most people who live in Lansdale use the SEPTA Main Line to commute into Philadelphia. The commute takes around an hour and a half. With about 16,500 residents, Lansdale offers an affordable home price and great school ratings.

How far is Philly from Jersey hours?

If you are planning a road trip from Jersey City to Philadelphia, you’ll want to consider taking the shortest route possible. The distance from Jersey City to Philadelphia is 79 miles and takes about one hour and fifteen minutes. If you’d rather travel by air, you can fly to Philadelphia and Atlantic City. The distance from Newark to Philadelphia is about 58 miles.

Taking a train from Philadelphia to New Jersey can cut the travel time in half. For example, you can take the Amtrak train from Center City Station in Philadelphia to Marlboro, which is about 16 miles south of the city. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or a bus. Amtrak also offers two direct trains every day between Philadelphia and New Brunswick, which take less than an hour.

If you’re driving to Philadelphia from New York, the cheapest route is to drive south on Interstate 95. The drive will take about 1.5 hours, but the time will vary depending on the traffic conditions and the time of day. For example, if you’re traveling on a Sunday, you’ll take about an hour and a half to get there.

How far is Philadelphia from New Jersey by plane?

If you’re wondering how to get from New Jersey to Philadelphia without driving, consider taking public transportation. Amtrak provides a connection between New Jersey and Philadelphia, and departs at many locations along the east coast. New Brunswick is located 16 miles south of Philadelphia, and can be reached in under an hour by car, taxi, or bus. In addition, Amtrak’s Acela service provides easy access to New York City.

Depending on your vehicle and the weather, it’ll take around 17 minutes to drive from Jersey City to Philadelphia. You can also take the Amtrak’s Acela Express train, which leaves from 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. This train runs all night and stops at stations across Philadelphia. When traveling by car, make sure to check local traffic and parking regulations. The city of Philadelphia has a noise ordinance that prohibits idling between the hours of nine at night and eight in the morning. Violations can result in fines of $100 to $300.

If you decide to take a train, you’ll need to allow 5 hours for the journey. However, the fastest train trip from Philadelphia to New York is only 1 hour and 34 minutes. Depending on the time of day and the weather, the sound quality on the train might be a bit low.

How do I get from Philadelphia to Jersey?

Getting to the shore from Philadelphia can be easy with the help of public transportation. Take the SEPTA subway to Center City Philadelphia and the regional rail train to South Jersey. Amtrak also runs trains to the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. However, you should avoid peak travel time, which is from 4 to 6 p.m.

The trip from Philadelphia to Jersey City takes approximately three hours. You can also take the bus. The bus service from Philadelphia to Jersey City runs daily and costs around twenty-seven dollars. The bus stops at several locations, including Woodbridge Center Drive. Then, you should get on the 131 bus, which travels between Woodbridge Center Drive and Washington Road.

If you prefer to drive, the Garden State Parkway connects all of the shore towns. The parkway starts in Cape May and goes up the spine of the state, ending at Paterson. If you’d rather take a train, the Philly-Atlantic City Rail Line, which opened in September, can also be used to get to the shore. The train takes about an hour and a half from 30th Street Station to Cape May, but it has stops in Wildwood and Cape May.

Is Philadelphia a good place to live?

With a population of 1.5 million people, Philadelphia is the sixth-largest city in the United States and the largest city in Pennsylvania. This historic city was the birthplace of the United States and is home to the nation’s first library, stock exchange, medical school, and hospital. It also offers a host of museums and state-of-the-art activities.

Whether you’re looking for a small town feel or a metropolitan environment, there’s something for everyone in Philadelphia. There are many different neighborhoods to choose from, each with its own personality and vibe. From historic sites like the Old City to shopping districts like Chestnut Hill, there’s a neighborhood to fit any personality.

Philadelphia has many cultural attractions and a great public transportation system, making it easy to get around. History buffs can tour Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. There’s also the Mummers Museum, which celebrates the city’s famous Mummers parade tradition. In addition, Philadelphia boasts a large art museum and an extensive art gallery scene.

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