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Artist Profile:

     An engineer turned artist my aim is to capture the glamour and the excitement of road and track in oil on canvas. I have been painting full time since 1993, enabling me to indulge my life long passion for motor racing.

     Grand Prix and sports car racing, rallying and classic road cars are all in my portfolio. but my greatest interest is in the great cars and drivers racing on the classic road circuits of Europe.

     I strive to balance technical accuracy with an artistic feel for movement, time and place; detail is important but the 'sit' of a car on the track and that elusive atmosphere are even more vital.

     My work has been exhibited and sold throughout the UK and in Europe at venues including Silverstone, The Donington Collection, Goodwood and in 'Autosport'. 

     Oversized Giclee prints on canvas have presence and a sense of being….larger than life and they invoke a feeling of awe! Never before has automotive fine art been published at this grandiose scale except during the years between 1890 to 1920. - Craig Fitzerald, author of the article titled, "The Charles Schalebaum Collection Auction", (as published in Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car, May issue page 60) says: "What advertising existed between 1880 and 1920 was indelible in the imaginations of the passerby who saw it on the street: bold, vivid, larger-than-life images with a richness of color unmatched by anything they'd seen previously". In an attempt to recreate the past, Automotive Art Galleries has commissioned several artists' works to portray this very feeling in their works…. bold, vivid, with larger-than-life images, and we have succeeded!

     "Having been a collector of fine automotive art, when I first received the large format prints from Stuart Booth, they were extraordinary and spectacular"! - President Automotive Art Galleries

     These large format fine art Giclee prints on canvas are perfect for the home, workshop, car dealership, conference room, office, hotel or the ultimate garage to compliment your fine collection of automobiles.


    Note: All Ferrari members, Ferrari dealerships, Ferrari restoration shops, independent Ferrari service centers and high end car dealerships that sell used Ferraris will receive a 10% discount on all fine art purchases, and we will donate 10% this sale to The Ferrari Owners Club to help fund future events! To receive this discount please do not call the toll free 800 # listed in the contacts section, but call me at the following number: 201-568-9785, and I will personally take care of your order.R.J. Scheurer, President, Automotive Art Galleries, LLC.

Available Editions
Standard Edition
Artist's Proof
Pebble Beach Proof

The Pebble Beach Proof:
     The Pebble Beach Proof is hand "enhanced" with paint & brush by the artist making each one unique. This is commonly done and is sometimes called a Serigraph. The artist adds slightly different touches of paint to each Pebble Beach Proof, and this singular uniqueness makes each one more valuable.

Due to popular demand, all Giclee art prints are now being offered at half size of the large scale prints. The new addition will number 32 and will be broken down as follows: Standard Edition 25, Artist proof 7 and there will be no Pebble Beach Proof offered in the smaller versions .The low publication number of this new addition will insure exclusivity or rareness, and they will no doubt increase in value through time. The cost of the new smaller size Standard Edition is $1500 and the Artist Proof is $1700 respectively, plus shipping & insurance.

     Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) prints are printed on the finest 100% premium matte canvas with a UV protectant, and are used by internationally renowned artists and museums, such as the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, have had exhibitions using this medium. The prints on canvas are delivered to your residence rolled on a tube and it is your responsibility to visit your local Art & Frame store to have a custom stretcher built for the print, and/or framed.

We also offer our unique Home Show service where we will bring up to 5 works of art to your home or office for a private viewing,within 50 miles of Cresskill, New Jersey (excluding New York City, unless parking is convenient) at no charge and no obligation, at a time convenient for you.

Remember, we will offer you a complete refund of your fine art purchase, if after seven days you are not completely 100% satisfied with your purchase! That’s our promise to you, because service is our business and we aim to please our clients throughout the world. (With returned works of art, we only think its fair for the client to pay the shipping & insurance both ways, to help cover our cost).

At Automotive Art Galleries, LLC, you will find the best selection, the best service, and the best prices.
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