Automotive Art Galleries specializes in designing the ultimate automotive art gallery, whether it is in your garage of exotic & classic cars, a car dealership, a private residence, hotels, resorts, banks, restaurants, and a commercial or corporate space. We can select individual art pieces and/or design a custom art gallery within a wide range of budgets. We seek out for the discerning client superior fine automotive artwork which includes pieces such as Giclee prints on canvas, murals, lithographed prints, originals and even vintage Automobilia. We not only specialize in artwork for foreign and exotic cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bugatti, Porsche and Alfa Romeo but can present a collection of art that originated in the Golden Era of car design. Need more room? Our architect will custom design for you the ultimate art gallery wing for your residence or automotive collection!

      Our latest project is for a client whose car collection exceeds 10 million dollars. Detailed plans for the design of the art gallery have been completed and selected pieces from the top automotive artists have been chosen. We designed the placement of the pieces, were responsible for custom framing (on local art work) and recommended Solux track lighting for the display.  “Solux is specified by the world’s premier museums and art galleries”. For further info see:

Some of our other attributes are as follows:

We have the largest collection of Ferrari fine art in the world.

· We are the only art gallery in the world to publish large format limited edition automotive fine art Giclee prints on canvas both signed and numbered. The prints average in size from 3’-8” x 5’-6” to 4’-8” x 6’– 8” and are perfectly scaled & proportioned to display on an 8’ x 8’ & 8’ x 10’ wall respectively.

· We are the first art gallery to offer both the still life and racing scene for the same exotic car, i.e. the 1956 Ferrari 860 Monza, of which only 3 were made, and was driven to victory by the famous race car driver - Fangio during the 12 hours at Sebring in 1956.

· We have several automotive subjects that have never been painted before, and were specifically painted for their Pebble Beach exhibition.

· We are the first art gallery to display and offer a slim line, light weight DVD player that can be attached to our art works to narrate and show digital video clips describing the subject matter.

     In previewing the art field for automobile collectors and enthusiasts, we have created an exclusive art and design gallery that caters to a worldwide clientele, introducing top artists of the genre such as Roger Hector, Paul Dove, Stuart Booth, Jorge Garcia, Alfredo de La Maria, etc. We are in the process of working with artists who can provide large format fine art work Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) prints on canvas. Oversized Giclee prints have presence, a sense of being, they are larger than life and invoke a feeling of awe. The finest reproductions in the world are Giclee prints and internationally renowned artists and museums, such as the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and the National Gallery of Arts in Washington, D.C, have had exhibitions using this medium. Never before in the history of automotive fine art has Giclee prints been published at this grandiose scale, except during the years of 1880 to 1920!

     Two well known muralists, one internationally renowned, works closely with us in producing hand painted murals, ranging in size from 4’ by 6’ to 18’ by 40’ and are created on canvas in the studio, and then shipped to your site. We work with the artists as well as the publishers and commission art works for our clients including custom automotive tapestries which range in size from 3’ x 5’ to 7’ x 18’. Also, we carefully assist our clients in obtaining unusual accent pieces such as vintage Automobilia to enhance the personal style of the art gallery. If interested we can be reached at:

   R.J. Scheurer

We Accept:

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