We specialize in large format Giclee prints both signed & numbered on canvas by some of the top automotive artists in the world. We have the largest and finest Ferrari Fine Art Collection in the world! We’ll also design for you a custom art gallery for your masterpieces.

Automotive Art Galleries Art Exhibition
Pebble Beach, California 'Concours d’Elegance 2006'
Robb Report Salon Area - Portola Plaza Hotel, Monterey, CA

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• Did you know that an office with carefully chosen and placed paintings will impress your clients and give them a lasting impression of your company?

• Did you know that art-work can improve staff morale and reduce sick days and  blood pressure?

• Did you know that art-work affect your subconscious – even if you think you did not notice any art-work – they’ve actually contributed to your attitude and given  you an uplifting mood?

• Did you know that different colors work in different ways? They can excite you or calm you down in your environment.

     Automotive Art Galleries recognizes all of these attributes, that’s why we are different and number one in the automotive field. We select the right size, color and form of art-works for your environment. Also, if you want something very special “a signature piece”, we can have one of our top automotive artists create a work of art specifically for you. We are passionate about our art & the artists we represent …..fine art is our business. For those of you who lack passion, vision & purpose…click on the following image.

What is the secret?



Paul Dove

Red Passion by Paul Dove

Stuart Booth

Testarossa by Stuart Booth

Roger Hector

Ferrari 250 by Roger Hector

Jorge Garcia


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